Latest scientific work

In the past months and as part of Work Package 2 of PROPHET, a number of interviews are being conducted with different stakeholders in order to gather different points of view regarding barriers and bottlenecks related to the implementation of personalized prevention strategies in Europe. The interviews have the great advantage of being able to familiarize experts from different fields with the situation of personalized prevention.

The results will feed into the project mapping and consequently into a Concept Paper to be published at the end of the first year. The interviews also feed into the design of a survey targeted towards a broader public, which will be launched in July 2023.

PROPHET mapping activities 

The mapping activities will provide inputs to the SRIA development by identifying main concepts, main research and innovation orientations, key priority areas for personalised prevention adoption in the health systems as well as main gaps and bottlenecks to overcome.

The scientific work carried out during the first 8 months of the project have focused mainly on mapping activities. These activities, including interview and review of the literature, focused on topics such as:

  • The identification of implemented personalised prevention approaches and related gaps and bottlenecks.
  • The identification of biomarkers useful from a personalised prevention perspective for chronic diseases.
  • The identification of strategies for involving citizens and patients in personalised prevention programmes.
  • The identification of criteria for defining the clinical utility of personalized interventions.
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