Methodology section

PROPHET is centered around stakeholder engagement and the co-creation process of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) in relation to three main strands of activities: Mapping, Assessment, and Building. 

Regarding SRIA co-creation, firstly PROPHET project summarizes evaluates and discusses with relevant stakeholders the extent to which all new technologies can synergize (Mapping). Secondly, PROPHET project designs a holistic framework (the PROPHET Framework) including all essential aspects for evaluating Personalised Prevention approaches and their adoption by Public Health Authorities (Assessment). The last step involves supporting the implementation of Personalised Prevention Programmes by providing guidelines for their design, engaging healthcare professionals (especially those involved with policymaking), and enhancing health literacy at the population level regarding the benefits of Personalised Prevention (Building). More information about SRIA co-creation here.

Simultaneously, PROPHET engages researchers, research funders, policymakers/public health authorities, health professionals, patients and citizens, insurers and innovators (companies, SME, investors) operating in the field of PM. Special attention is paid to identification and involvement of public and patients’ organisations to incorporate their perspective to the project. Key stakeholders will be identified through a comprehensive Stakeholder Analysis and their involvement is ensured through the development of a Stakeholder Platform. 

During the Kick-off meeting in Rome, PROPHET partners worked on the definition of “personalised prevention” as follows:

  • “Personalised prevention aims to prevent onset, progression and recurrence of diseases through the adoption of targeted interventions that consider the biological information*, environmental and behavioral characteristics, socio-economic and cultural context of individuals.
  • This should be timely, effective and equitable in order to maintain the best possible balance in lifetime health trajectory”

          * e.g. genetic and other biomarkers, demographics, health conditions

       Version 23 May 2023

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