Health experts gathered for the interactive PROPHET Mapping Results Workshop

PROPHET organised a Mapping Results workshop which received a great expert attendance.  

The workshop organised by UCSC took place on 14 March 2024 and gathered more than 70 participants coming from all over the world and from different organisations.

Throughout the project, several mapping studies have been conducted, covering a wide range of topics from biomarkers, research programmes and projects to data management and infrastructures and this workshop aimed to:

  • Present all the mapping results
  • Involve and get inputs from stakeholders with an expertise in personalised prevention.

The mapping study is an important step for PROPHET as it provides an overview of the current research on personalised prevention and thus enable to have a full understanding of the research advancements in this field.

During this two hours, partners and participants engaged in lively discussions on the various topics addressed in the mapping studies.

The video record is available here.

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