Evaluation of the clinical utility of personalized preventive approaches : first glance of the scoping review

PROPHET partners, including UTARTU (Tartu Ulikool) – UCSC (Universita Cattolica di Sacro Cuore) – INSA (Instituto Nacional de Saude Dr. Ricardo Jorge) – THL (Terveyden Ja Hvinvoinnin Laitos) and DEB (Debreceni Egyetem), participated to the scoping review that has been designed in order to identify general dimensions and specific process and outcomes indicators for the evaluation of the clinical utility personalised prevention approaches based on genetic or genomic tests. The lack of clear evidence for clinical utility is often mentioned among the main barriers to the uptake of personalized prevention approaches in health systems. Indeed, these indicators provide a means of measuring the utility of a genetic or genomic test in the context of prevention and care. A good test should lead to improved health outcome(s) and met a broad range of criteria ranging from analytical validity to societal impact. The deliverable of this task has already been submitted and will be soon available publicly and a scientific paper is in preparation.

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