Connect with us: the PROPHET Stakeholder Forum and Stakeholder Platform

Whether you are a researcher, academic, a healthcare professional, a policy maker or a citizen interested in personalised prevention and wanting to be at the forefront of the future healthcare in Europe, this is the perfect opportunity for you : Get involved in the PROPHET Stakeholder Forum.

The PROPHET Stakeholder Forum aims to bring together stakeholders with different backgrounds to share their views, ideas and expertise on personalised prevention and to engage with each other – and to build jointly the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) to adopt Personalised Prevention approaches in EU health systems.

In order to allow for these exchanges and co-development actions, we are offering you a new tool: the PROPHET Stakeholder Platform.

This online community platform will offer the tools to gather real-time feedbacks and insights from you and other stakeholders on the SRIA, to have 1o1 meetings and to share resources and latest news on the project including the invitation to participate in events, in surveys and any relevant activity of the project.

We invite you to be part of the PROPHET Stakeholder Forum and actively engage in the process and benefit from the PROPHET community platform features.

Join us and register here:

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